Observatório das Transformações XXXX da Cidade de Lisboa


For the event O Que Um livro Pode we were invited to participate on a debate about the independent publication as a resistance act. For this occasion we did a series of silkscreen A1 posters that varied from 2 to 4 colors. In these silkscreens we overlapped the faces of the main agents in Lisbon’s real estate policy making as well as a combination of fractions of logos endend up sending chaotic messages. The overlapping of the different layers and the strange co-existence of the different logos intends to show the dystopian scenario created in the real estate world in the city center, while the fine medium (silkscreening) echoes the aspirations for luxury of these agents … the Wannabes.





A few of the silkscreens


The Posters at “O que um Livro Pode” in Atelier Real