Observatório das Transformações XXXX da Cidade de Lisboa


Observatório das Transformações da Cidade de Lisboa (Observatory of the transformations of the City of Lisbon) is a platform from where we collectively observe and question the urban transformations that the city has been going trough. This shared platform emerges from the perception that the rhythm of the recent transformations that have been imprinted in the city of Lisbon have not been followed by the creation of platforms that make available clear and up-to-date information to the ones who live it. Believing that a city does not exist without its inhabitants and its places, we call attention to the need of critical reflexion about the city future plans, need for engagement and participation in the life of the city, need of position-taking on topics related to urban living and try that these matters be subject to public debate.


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We made goals of Observatório:

A.) The proposing of acts of public action-investigation and the systematic, open to the public, invitation to reflect together.


B.) The auscultation of the different discourses related to the recent alterations of the city – from direct experience to the ones announced by public and private agents to the ones created by specialized researches.


C.) The up-to-date mapping and the supply of a transversal understanding capable of looking at small events and relate them with larger policies.


D.) The creation of an archive that englobes varied information about the city’s transformations, including the knowledge produced by our investigative actions.


The creation of a series of meetings and events allowed us to work with different institutions and groups such as:

CEM Centro em Movimento, Atelier RE.AL; Galeria da Boa Vista; ANDLAB; Stress.fm; The BarberShop; Edições GHOST; STET; Baldio—estudos de performance; Jogos Sem Fronteiras; AURORA arquitectos; Transições Urbanas; Habita; Left hand rotation; BUH!; Festival Pedras; Demimonde; Teatro Maria Matos; Galeria da Boavista, O Corvo—sítio de Lisboa and collaborate with artists like Fernanda Eugénio, Catarina Botelho, David Geniot, Patricia Almeida, Raquel Castro, Isabel Brison, Adelita Husni-Bey, Bruno Caracol among others.