Observatório das Transformações XXXX da Cidade de Lisboa

Feira de edições

For the Feira de Edições, part of the Lisbon Trienal of Architecture, the platform Jogos Sem Fronteiras wished to map out the huge transformations the city of Lisbon was going through. Together with urban geographers Transições Urbanas we worked on the crafting of a map. Just in downtown area, the so-called “Baixa Pombalina” around 13 hotels are being built and there is a plan for more than 30 hotels for the entire downtown part of the city. Evicting older inhabitants there is a process of so-called “mega gentrification” going on, with global corporations acquiring entire blocks for speculative purposes.
The map was included in the publication of Jogos Sem Fronteiras, JFS #2, as topological questions are very important for the theoretical bases of the Magazine and maps were already included in JFS #1.




Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 4.55.33 PM