Observatório das Transformações XXXX da Cidade de Lisboa

Desbaratarot II

The event “Em Reunião” took place in Teatro Maria Matos and addressed the  question: How can we collectively self-organize? a question about the capacity and the ways in which collective actions take place. For the occasion collective groups were invited to share their experiences on how they self-organize. On this occasion we launched “Desbaratarot” first edition. The Tarot deck comments on the mega gentrification of cities (in this case Lisbon) and addresses the obscure processes of decision making that result in changes in the city and our lives. Each card was a story or image given to us by guest writers, artists and friends in general. The graphics are coming from mingling of logos of the main players dealing with the real estate of the city center so clients like H&M, Starbucks, and Zara are sided with logos of the Tourism of Portugal, International Monetary Fund, Unesco World Heritage, Sotheby’s…



Desbaratarot II front cover.


Desbaratarot II: the twelve cards facing down.


The twelve cards front and back.


The complete deck includes the original texts by the participants that told the stories and wrote the scenarios


The event “Em REUNIÃO” took place during two days on a Municipal Teather. Actress Raquel Castro play the role of a fortune teller called Madame Palmeira, and staged a fortune reeding to the audience. As each card was turned the Madame Palmeira would tell our city’s future.


Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 12.17.28 PM

Raquel Castro as Madame Palmeira in her set, ready to read the Tarot cards.


Madame Palmeira having a vision.

palmeira alm reis1 copy

In the past a symbol of privilege and wealth (in the picture a stone palm tree decorates a large facade), a palm tree can now be seen as symbol of exotic vacation destinations.


“Desbaratarot Readings: Solves badly clean sheets, tour buses traffic jams, cruise tourists floods, tram 28 pick-pocketing, asphalt holes, vacant floors, landslides by negligence caused, Portuguese limestone sidewalks in danger, sour traditional nata pastries, bus routs shortening, homeless numbers on the rise, difficulties finding work at Remax, Tuk-tuks running out of gas, Hippo Buses that drown, Portuguese bakeries that close doors, lack of space in public nurseries, outdoors shopping malls. Having problems with languishing Municipal Libraries? fast speed suburbanization? closed condominium half closed? Know where to invest and where to live, where to spend vacations and where to bet. Business opportunities. Madame Palmeira sees beyond the obvious and unravels the fortune of Lisbon! ”



Invitation to Madame Palmeira event and the launch of the Desbaratarot at Teatro Maria Matos.


Organized by Baldio, in the Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, “EM REUNIÃO” included a Seminar by André Lepecki, 4 conferences, 10 open to the public meetings, and the participation of UNIPOP, Casa do Vapor, AndLAb, DEMIMONDE, Primeiros Sintomas, OBSERVATÓRIO DAS TRANSFORMAÇÕES XXXX DA CIDADE DE LISBOA,  Corpo de Multidão, ARTÉRIA, PEDRAS and Stress.FM.