Observatório das Transformações XXXX da Cidade de Lisboa

Contar Estrelas

In February 2014 Observatório proposed the public action-investigation Contar Estrelas: Quantos Hotéis há na Baixa (Counting Stars: How many hotels are there in Baixa?) – a walk where we did a collective mapping of the existing hotels in the historical center, crossing information collected from the street with online information and an article published in Visão, on the 19 September 2013 written by Pedro Marques Silva. The goal of this mapping was to collectively think about that neighborhood (old historical center) and its inhabitants, developing a critical look about this territory and the many realities that live there. It was a um walk trough the old 18th century urban grid where we collectively mapped the existing hotels, identified the hotels under construction, and imagined the future ones that are being planed by crossing what our eyes saw with information from the press, and from the city hall. Two different groups did two different routes, “counted” and marked the hotels in the maps we designed for the occasion. The Maps had on one side an empty grid of the streets. On the other side had tourism related slogans. As the groups zigzagged in the streets looking for hotels they were being guided by two specialists (a territorial science expert and a journalist) that were telling the story of the old hotels and telling of the new ones that are being planned.


2014-02-19 16.37.25

Front side of the maps.


The invitation of the event.



Results of our search.
















Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 2.38.04 AM

One of the groups.

passeio_contar estrelas

Mapping in Baixa.

2014-02-22 16.54.56

Mapping the hotels.