Observatório das Transformações XXXX da Cidade de Lisboa

City in Crisis/Cruises

On December 2013 Observatório was invited to be part of the event O MAPA NÃO É O DO PAÍS that took place in Galeria da Boavista in Lisbon. This occasion was the 4th and last activity of Demimonde in Galeria da Boa Vista. Here, the Jogos Sem Fronteiras platform did a new edition of the event O MAPA NÃO É O DO PAÍS. This time the map in question was the one of Lisbon and the attempt was not to treat it geographically from neighborhood to neighborhood nor even on a topographic manner, but instead to place Lisbon in the global geography that is also shaping the destiny of the local geography and shaping our lives.



Invitation for the event.

Given the intent of finding Lisbon’s place on the global geo-political and economic map (macro-mapping) we decided to change scale and do a micro-mapping. We created a map of a specific block of houses. A block that was previously a convent, then used for commerce and habitation and in the future will be a Hotel. After an exhaustive photographic documentation of each building from ground to top floor, a wall of the gallery was occupied by a bi-dimentional map of the block where we pinned down polaroid pictures of the places and the words that we could find most commonly in the shops: “For sale”, “Closed”, “Moved”. The artist Fernanda Eugénio created new words of the portuguese language for this purpose and were written by her directly on the map.













City In Crisis/Cruises at Galeria da Boa Vista, Lisboa. Photography by Bruno Simão